Sustainable Events: Yeast Photo festival

Yeast Photo Festival
and Everything is Connected
towards a sustainable festival

For the 2023 edition, with Yeast Photo Festival, we have embarked on a journey that takes steps towards a responsible and sustainable festival, from an environmental and social point of view.

Yeast Photo Festival becomes the bearer of small actions that aim to make noise among the cultural events that spread stories through photography. 

Everything is Connected mapped the public fountains of Matino (Italy), inviting people to use filling bottles for water; asked locals and visitors to help us be more sustainable creating a survey spread around town; helped conceiving the exhibitions, thinking of reducing what we produce, as much as possible, applying a circular thinking, and using waste materials from Officine Tamborrino; undertook an action to offset CO2 production through planting activities.

Make yourself uncomfortable

Curated by Everything is Connected
With the support of Officine Tamborrino

Are we 8 billion individuals, or are we one large connected community?

The theme underlying the environmental crisis is precisely the lack of collective consciousness, the idea that there are many of us, the justification of the consumption and waste of resources with the large number of people on Earth, feeling like small individuals compared to great epochal events.

What if there were many of us who took small daily actions that made enough noise to trigger other chain actions?

A broken room, just as the Earth is broken. An Earth that makes noise.

An invitation to make ourselves uncomfortable because it is precisely the exasperated search for comfort that has distanced us from ourselves and from nature, regardless of the impact that comfort has on the Earth. But perhaps, there is really no escaping from this; these noises and the moaning of the Earth belong to us – and return to us – as we are nature.

An installation made only of waste, of burnt olive tree trunks – symbol of the desertification of Salento – and a scientific narrative, contextualized to the territory and proposing concrete actions. That’s how we have told the initiatives that, together with Yeast Photo Festival, we have undertaken.

It’s not all we could have done, but it’s a series of important steps towards a jagged and complex journey, and at the same time full of care and love for the Earth, hopeful that if the noise gets louder and louder, we could truly become a single family of 8 billion people.

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