We believe in the social power of visual communication, but also in the necessity of expanding beyond the narrow boundaries of disciplines. Our aim is to discover and produce new multi-disciplinary solutions and paradigms for effectively communicating causes and consequences of climate change. This experimental approach will hopefully lead to a long-term cultural transition by aligning human health, ecological sustainability and social justice.

Frederic Hanusch

Do we live on or as part of a planet? Rethinking democratic agency as everything is connected

Now more than ever we need to be aware that everything and everyone is connected. We are not only connected passively, enduring the consequences of climate change and its catastrophic effects, but also by our collective potential for positive action and change. We are connected by the tangible possibility and hope that we can reversing this disastrous trend. The facts of climate change are making us see how vulnerable we all are, and the effects of the unjust planet we have created, forcing us to further reflect on our intrinsic interconnectedness.

We are inextricably part of nature.

We are not separated from it.

We are one of the many shapes that nature has taken, and in this we are part of the global problem, as well as the potential solution.

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