The Project

Can public spaces and artivism projects, developed with a trans-disciplinary and partecipative approach, have an impact on the understanding of the climate crisis’ complexity and urgency, while prompting sustainable behaviours, leading to a new world where it is clear that everything is connected?


We feel there’s
a need
to re-invent
the world.

Everything is Connected is a trans-disciplinary project aimed at creating new communication paradigms, translated into artivist initiatives and living labs – as ideal forms to involve a wide and diverse audience – to raise awareness about the environmental crisis, giving centrality to public spaces, schools, digital channels and co-design processes.

To know, to understand and to actively participate are necessary premises for committing, both as individuals and communities, towards positive actions reducing humans’ impact on the Planet.

Because no meaningful and long-lasting commitment towards positive actions to reduce humans’ impact on the Planet, individually or collectively, can occur without knowledge, inspiration and active participation.

Our Vision

We believe in the social power of communication, in the urgency of adopting a trans-disciplinary and participatory approach aimed at defining new paradigms for effectively communicate causes and consequences of the environmental emergency, in the ability to trigger a long-term process of cultural transition based on the alignment of human health, ecological sustainability and social justice.

What We Do


We collect and showcase our projects, as well as others’ worldwide ideas that show interesting and forward-thinking ways to connect different disciplines as ways of amplifying the message around the topic of climate change.


Everything Is Connected is creating a research group composed of credible professionals specialised in the different areas of visual art, science, mass media, education, public space, economy, activism and sustainable design. The group will work on creating hybrid and innovative solutions that are able to translate important scientific notions and figures into artistic projects.

The people behind (PAGE BEING UPDATED)


Maria Teresa Salvati

Founder and Director

Maria Teresa Salvati lives in Bari (Puglia) and is the founder and director of Everything Is Connected. She is communication and strategy expert, with international experience for a decade, in London, interested in the role of communication and the creation of hybrid models aimed at social change. Writer, publisher, lecturer, personal branding consultant and independent curator. Her topics focus mainly on: Environmental, Social and Cultural issues.

Valeria Recchia

Producer and Web designer

Valeria lives in Castellana Grotte, near Bari (Puglia). She is a graphic and web designer working as image editor and creator of artistic content. She is part of the team as a producer for Slideluck Editorial since the launch of the Everything is Connected call.

Karishma Gupta

Web developer and Web strategy

Karishma lives in London, UK and is a sustainable and circular fashion lover and a web developer. She is part of the team as a developer of web and strategy


Valentina Demarchi

Apulian product-service-system designer based in Milan, with strong interests in social innovation, audience development for the cultural sector, design for education, SDGs and strategy development, speculative design.
She gained international experience through exchange programs and developed transversal skills through three programs parallel to the academic path – ASP, SEI and Idea League Challenge.

Frederic Hanusch

Frederic Hanusch is scientific coordinator of the “Panel on Planetary Thinking” at Giessen University, Germany, and a research fellow of the Earth System Governance project. He holds a PhD in political science and a MA in political science, philosophy and sociology. His research is focused on the intersections of democracy and planetary change.

David Cross

David Cross is an artist and Reader at UAL, engaging with the social-ecological crisis through visual culture. In 2012, following the Artist Placement Group, he designated his role at UAL as an artist’s placement, proposing that UAL switch to an ethical bank.

Rossella Ferorelli

Rossella Ferorelli (1984), PhD in Architectural and Urban Design at Politecnico di Milano, she researches the evolution of the interaction between information, biopolitics and the built environment. She collaborates with international magazines, and teaches at Politecnico di Milano, writes and lectures regularly. Since 2019, she works as Urban Designer at Comune di Milano, managing European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) funded projects related with public space and active mobility.


Our team would like to thank the following people for having supported and for being currently helping us to make Everything is Connected happening. Pietro Lo Casto (Photographer), Igor Elukov (Photographer), Sana Ahmadizadeh (Photographer), Mattia Marzorati (Photographer), Heide Häusler (Director of Photoszene), Oisín Davies, Maurizio Annese (Photographer)
This project is dedicated to the memory of Roberta Fiorito