The Project

Can public spaces and artivism projects, developed with a trans-disciplinary and partecipative approach, have an impact on the understanding of the climate crisis’ complexity and urgency, while prompting sustainable behaviours, leading to a new world where it is clear that everything is connected?


We feel there’s
a need
to re-invent
the world.

Everything is Connected is a trans-disciplinary project aimed at creating new communication paradigms, translated into artivist initiatives and living labs – as ideal forms to involve a wide and diverse audience – to raise awareness about the environmental crisis, giving centrality to public spaces, schools, digital channels and co-design processes.

To know, to understand and to actively participate are necessary premises for committing, both as individuals and communities, towards positive actions reducing humans’ impact on the Planet.

Because no meaningful and long-lasting commitment towards positive actions to reduce humans’ impact on the Planet, individually or collectively, can occur without knowledge, inspiration and active participation.

Our Vision

We believe in the social power of communication, in the urgency of adopting a trans-disciplinary and participatory approach aimed at defining new paradigms for effectively communicate causes and consequences of the environmental emergency, in the ability to trigger a long-term process of cultural transition based on the alignment of human health, ecological sustainability and social justice.

The people behind


Maria Teresa Salvati

Founder and Director

Maria Teresa Salvati lives in Bari (Puglia) and is the founder and director of Everything Is Connected. She is communication and strategy expert, with international experience, interested in the role of communication and the creation of hybrid models aimed at social change. Always fascinated by the importance of communication and knowledge for all, her researches have led to realize that the climate crisis is mostly based on an asymmetry of information, leaning on the social injustice created by the current economic, cultural and social system. To see a juster transition, we need a transformative cultural shift and a regenerative thinking that imply the creation of new forms of ‘artivism’ and public engagement that help not only to educate and inspire people to embrace sustainable behaviors, but also to create systemic changes that enrich natural and social capital, leading to thriving communities and healthy ecosystems. With this vision, Everything is Connected was conceived.

Rossella Ferorelli

Architect, co-founder

PhD in Architectural & Urban Design at Politecnico di Milano, she researches the evolution of public space in the contemporary city. She collaborated with magazines like Domus and Abitare, and taught at Politecnico di  Milano. Since 2011, founding member of SMALL, architecture office and cultural platform based in Bari and Milan. Since 2019, consultant Urban Designer at Comune diMilano. Halfway between a hopelessly nerdy theorist passionate about weird topics and a pragmatic activist with a few technical skills, she works on public space as a complex, socio-techno-ecological artifact, crossing boundaries between the study of its implications in biopolitics and gender studies as well as of nature-based solutions against climate change with an intersectional approach: all values and fields she shares within Everything is Connected.

Clara Putignano

Photographer, co-founder

Photographer, with technical and economic training at the University of Bari and artistic training at F.Project – School of photography and cinematography, she uses landscape and documentary with the aim of transforming, going beyond, experimenting with new and undefined languages; she uses different techniques at the service of a constantly evolving narrative. Photography, in its indefinite and experimental forms, becomes a personal research, a tool that leads to the re-discovery of a new sense of freedom and well-being, because through art and its different expressions it is possible to contribute to spreading a culture of sustainable development and raise environmental and ecological awareness.

Giorgia Loliva

Content creator, co-founder

Graduated in Media Design and Multimedia Arts at the Nuova Accademia delle Belle Arti in Milan, which allowed me to deepen my knowledge of auteur film culture and taught me to give the right weight to choices, to empathize, to move away from our visual habits and bias, and to understand the infinite possibilities of audiovisuals. After living in Milan for six years and being engulfed in the routine of one of the most polluted cities in Italy, I needed to reconnect with my homeland. Everything is Connected helped me reconnect with Apulia, with the city of Bari and get to know places I had never experienced until now. Thanks to video communication, I try to make people more aware of their actions and tell them about the genuine commitment the team puts into individual projects.

Livia Augusta Mattoni

Software Developer

With an artistic-humanistic background, she applies research and vision, firmly grounded in the ethical principles of sustainability, to software engineering; so as to merge it with expressive languages of visual art and sound. Collaborating in the planning of innovative projects with Tech-IT sector skills, she harnesses the potential of code, aware and enthusiastic about its power to effect change in every realm. As an expert in gender studies, she aligns her commitment to social change and empowerment, actively contributing to initiatives aimed at addressing gender violence and promoting social equality.

Nicola Zilio

Lawyer – EU Project Manager

Lawyer and EU project manager, he holds a First Level Master Degree in planning and management of EU and national funds from La Sapienza University of Rome. Expert on social inclusion, environmental and ecological issues and third sector organizations, he deals with design for direct and indirect European funds. He works with a place-based approach, as a tool for the social, economic and cultural sustainable development of territories.

Daniele Ettorre

Mechanical Engineer

Researcher at the Polytechnic of Milan in the modeling of internal combustion engines, engineer at Marelli in the design of exhaust systems for motor vehicles; currently involved through a PhD in the development of new industrial burners with a view to the energy transition. Always committed, both in the corporate and academic research fields, to improving the efficiency and reduction of pollutants in transport systems and industrial processes. He hopes that that technological singularity will occur that will allow us to obtain unlimited clean energy, and that there will be an immediate awareness that will make us less selfish and more careful to the environmental impact of our consumption. His experience and the ethical, sustainable and ecological personal imprinting, fully embraces the inspiring principles of Everything is Connected.


Valentina Demarchi

Apulian product-service-system designer based in Milan, with strong interests in social innovation, audience development for the cultural sector, design for education, SDGs and strategy development, speculative design.
She gained international experience through exchange programs and developed transversal skills through three programs parallel to the academic path – ASP, SEI and Idea League Challenge.

Frederic Hanusch

Frederic Hanusch is scientific coordinator of the “Panel on Planetary Thinking” at Giessen University, Germany, and a research fellow of the Earth System Governance project. He holds a PhD in political science and a MA in political science, philosophy and sociology. His research is focused on the intersections of democracy and planetary change.

David Cross

David Cross is an artist and Reader at UAL, engaging with the social-ecological crisis through visual culture. In 2012, following the Artist Placement Group, he designated his role at UAL as an artist’s placement, proposing that UAL switch to an ethical bank.


Our team would like to thank the following people for having supported and for being currently helping us to make Everything is Connected happening. Pietro Lo Casto (Photographer), Igor Elukov (Photographer), Sana Ahmadizadeh (Photographer), Mattia Marzorati (Photographer), Heide Häusler (Director of Photoszene), Oisín Davies, Maurizio Annese (Photographer)
This project is dedicated to the memory of Roberta Fiorito