Through the eyes of children

“Through the Eyes of Children” is a project conceived by Kublaiklan for Everything is Connected. 

The collective has worked with children aged 6-10 years old, who were asked to comment on an image, part of the ten photographic projects selected for the Everything is connected call. The most powerful sentences have been used for an awareness campaign. Kublaiklan’s aim is also to encourage reflection on the use and prevalence of images today. We know we are immersed in an uninterrupted flow of images, that we devote little time to actually reading and interpreting them, but is this really the case for everyone?
Most of us are unaware of the political and social implications of the images that are constantly presented to us everywhere. Perhaps only children, through their naivety unfiltered by social conventions, are able to observe a photograph without any conditioning and prejudice. 

This cross-generational project aims to start a conversation with young people to address the urgent issue of climate emergency and involve them in narrating what’s happening on our frail planet. We hope this will inspire youths and adults to mitigate our human footprint.

“Through the Eyes of Children” is premiering in Cologne, during the Photoszene festival, CityLeaks and NEXT! The Young Photo-scene, as part of the Climate Change program.
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Kublaiklan is a collective that explores widely accessible ways of interacting with photography and investigates contemporary visual culture through site specific installations, curatorial, educational and editorial activities. It was founded in 2017 by members coming from different backgrounds: from Visual Arts and Scenography, to Journalism and Graphic Design. By putting these skills together, they aim at creating multi-layered projects which delve deep into photography as an ever-evolving language.

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